Level 1

General Thoughts About Level 1

Level 1 is intended to serve as an introduction to Permaculture. It is intended to be relatively quick and painless, and to get people thinking of themselves as Permaculturalists.

Requirements for Level 1

Start a notebook to organize your Perma-Cairn experience.

Foundations of Permaculture: Be able to discuss the following:

  • What does the word Permaculture mean?
  • Who coined the term?
  • What are the overall goals of Permaculture?
  • What area of the world did Permaculture originate in? When? How has it spread?

Read a book or website on Permaculture. Write a brief review.

Learn the 12 Permaculture Design Principles put forward by David Holmgren.

Be able to define sustainability. Explain why sustainability is one goal of Permaculture. Is there something 'beyond' sustainability?

Plant a tree. Begin a record of that tree - species, location, height, other characteristics of the tree. Describe the environment you planted it in, from the regional climate to the micro-climate, the soil, etc. List some of the ecosystem functions that tree can provide. Why did you choose that tree?

Watch one video or movie on Permaculture that is at least one-half hour long. List the ideas that the movie presents. How did it change your opinion of what Permaculture is?

Be able to list and discuss the ethical precepts of Permaculture.

Describe the voluntary, non-political nature of Permaculture. Does this limit the ability of individuals or groups to take a stand on laws or policies?

Establishing Community: Start a section in your notebook to record community contacts. What people can you turn to learn more about different aspects of Permaculture?

Who are the central authority figures in Permaculture?

There are some topics where Permaculturists often disagree (some of these include vegetarianism, the use of mineral supplements, vaccination, or the implementation of economic and ethical principles). How can the Permaculture movement make significant improvement to the world without getting factionalized or torn apart by disagreements over issues like these?

Why is any movement susceptible to hype or group-think? List some of the dangers that can result from this possibility.

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